B2K/B2HI Yacht Race - Control Room (Day 1)


Briefing:9:00am - Friday 6th Aug 2021
Finish:12:00pm - Friday 6th Aug 2021

The Race Control Room is responsible for the safety of all yachts competing in the B2K and B2HI Yacht Races
It is a 24 hour a day operation to monitor the competitors - it will be broken in to 4 x 6 hour shifts over the duration of the race
Any help will be most welcome - full training will be provided and the control room will be continually monitored by senior RQYS Staff

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B2K/B2HI Yacht Race - Control Room - 1200 - 1800

Position Volunteer
Supervisor Mark Drew GALLAGHER
Radio Operator Philip Tooth
Radio Operator Unassigned

B2K/B2HI Yacht Race - Control Room - 1800 -2400

Position Volunteer
Supervisor Shaun Kett
Radio Operator Jeff Brook
Radio Operator Gregory Kemp