Brisbane to Keppel Race Control


Briefing:11:00am - Friday 31st Jul 2020
Finish:11:00am - Tuesday 4th Aug 2020

24 hours watch - 4 x 6 hour shifts here at the RQYS in the old sailing academy office.  Maintaining radio communication and working with the Race Director - Mark Gallagher

More details to follow

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Race Control

Position Volunteer
Watch Captain - Mark Gallagher James Tapp
31 July 2nd 1600h- 2300h Gregory Kemp
31 July 3rd 2300h - 0500h Mark Drew GALLAGHER
1 August 0500h- 1100h Nev Willis
1 August 1100h-1700h Rebecca Mitchell
1 August 1700h- 2300h CHRIS MORGAN
1 August 2300h - 0500h Bec Ellem
2 August 0500h- 1100h - Nev Willis Unassigned
2 August 1100h-1700h Unassigned
2 August 1700h- 2300h Sabina Langenhan
2 August 2300h - 0500h Rod Johannessen
3 August 0500h- 1100h Unassigned
3 August 1100h-1700h Unassigned
3 August 1700h- 2300h Unassigned
3 August 2300h - 0500h Unassigned
4 August 0500h- 1100h Unassigned