Fun Volunteer Training and Working Bee for Youth Week


Briefing:11:00am - Saturday 22nd Jun 2019
Finish:4:00pm - Saturday 22nd Jun 2019

Come early if you can (1000hrs) and help Don patch buoys and wrangle anchors!

While the Youth Squad is training on Saturday afternoons, we will be conducting some FUN, no pressure training on the water!
I won’t be calling or bugging volunteers at all…. So, you need to let me know if you want to come out on the water by 11:00AM on Saturday mornings for the next 7 weeks.
If you want to try a new role or skill, come on down…
If you feel like you need to get on the water and have some fun, let me know…
If you find you are free at the last minute on Saturday morning, that works too!
Once we see who is available on the day, we will put together teams; start boat/finish boats, course laying, radio, you name it. This is a chance to get some practical experience in a fun environment. If we make a mistake, we have a laugh and start over. We will combine experienced mentors with people wanting to gain experience in a new skill.
If you want to come down and try something new, learn to drive boats, put in a start line, learn to use the GPS to set a course on a course boat, or practice being a Race Officer, then we are going to give you that chance.
There will be no time pressures or need to get things perfect the first time. If we make a mistake, we have a laugh and try again. The experienced volunteers will be mentors. This will have many benefits…being able to practice in a safe environment and the mentors can impart their vast experience, and at the same time we are building our skilled volunteer numbers.
I have added the Fun Volunteers Training to the roster! I look forward to seeing you all on the water having a great time :) And thank you so much for your dedication to our wonderful team!

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Race Management Team

Position Volunteer
Skipper Donald Murray
SkipperTrainee Sabina Langenhan
RO & flags Mentor Susie Jones
Timer Margy Porter
Flags Trainee Unassigned
Crew Unassigned
Crew Unassigned

Skippers - Course Layers

Position Volunteer
Mentor Skipper Steve Amos - OTBD
Trainee Skipper Luiz Tourinho
Trainee Crew Michael Mallan
Trainee Skipper Unassigned
Mentor Skipper Unassigned
Trainee Skipper Unassigned


Position Volunteer
Radio Operator Mentor David Kemp
Radio Operator Trainee Unassigned

Working Bee

Position Volunteer
Supervisor -Don Murray Unassigned
helper - Steve Amos Unassigned
helper - Luiz? Unassigned
helper malcolm hodgen
helper Unassigned