Club Race Officers Course day 1/2 - Location YQ Classroom Upstairs


Briefing:9:00am - Saturday 16th Mar 2019
Finish:11:30am - Saturday 16th Mar 2019

The Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron and Yachting QLD have come together to give any interested RQYS volunteers and instructors an exclusive chance to attend a FREE Club Race Officers Course on the 16th and 23rd of March 2019.

Normally there is a $65.00 fee for the course, but we have been able to arrange the free sessions to encourage all volunteers and instructors to attend the course as a chance to improve your knowledge base of the rules and processes of Sailing Race Management.

The course will be held from 0900-1130hrs on both Saturdays, with the 2.5 hour long sessions covering off all aspects of race management. The course takes the place of the other sessions for Race management planned for these two days.  It was decided to give as many volunteers as possible the full benefit of this course in order to support the theory and practical training sessions we are currently running. 

This seminar is ideal for people taking part in the Race Management and Course Laying sessions as it will explain what is happening on the Start/Finish boats and give the course layer and crew a better understanding of flags and what they might have to do if a race needs to be shortened or abandoned. 

The CRO seminar is also aimed at educating volunteers in the basics to conduct consistent, fair and safe club racing. Even if you don’t plan on becoming a CRO or higher (State, National or International Race Officer), this is a chance to really get a good grounding in the rules of racing and how a race officer determines the course bearings, length of the course, flags and associated sounds and more!

DATES: 16th and 23rd of March 2019 
TIME: 0900-1130hrs
PLACE: YQ Classroom – across the street from RQYS reception and up the stairs
HOW: use this link to sign up
WHAT TO BRING: Materials will be provided
QUESTIONS: Call Susie on 07 3396 8666 or 0438 930 990

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YQ Classroom - across from RQYS reception

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