CANCELLED Off the Beach Northern & Southern Course


Briefing:11:30am - Saturday 23rd Feb 2019
Finish:5:00pm - Saturday 23rd Feb 2019

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Racing this weekend has been Abandoned. This includes Northern and Southern course, Division Yachts, and Schools Racing. Scheduled training sessions are cancelled also. We will resume training next weekend. The club will still be open all weekend and we would encourage members to come down and enjoy the facilities on shore.

Thanks to everyone who has helped fill the roster for this Saturday. A great response from our Volunteers given the impending forecast! There are still a few spots for Sunday. 

The plan will be to make a call on Friday morning as to club racing Saturday. With so much variability on weather modelling there’s a chance of a major change to the forecast between now and then. It’s safe to say that if this set of models holds in we will not be heading out Saturday... but we will wait and see!!!

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Vic Frizzell

Position Volunteer
Skipper Sean Harrison
Race Officer Alan Crawford
Crew Diane Schasser
Crew Aaron Goldwater
Crew Unassigned

S1- Virgo

Position Volunteer
Skipper Steve Amos - OTBD
Crew Col Cuthbert

S4- Kemp

Position Volunteer
Skipper John Meehan
Crew Warren Schasser

S3 - Henderson

Position Volunteer
Skipper Charles Kirby
Crew Libby Kirby


Position Volunteer
Skipper Dugald Henderson
Race Officer Yvonne Walsh
Crew Margy Porter
Crew Ken McCarthy


Position Volunteer
Skipper John Peacock
Crew Rob Steele


Position Volunteer
Skipper Kevin O'Donnell
Crew Rodney West


Position Volunteer
Radio Operator Unassigned


Position Volunteer
Ramp Marshall Unassigned
Ramp Marshall Unassigned
Ramp Marshall Unassigned
Ramp Marshall Unassigned