Off the Beach Northern & Southern Course


Briefing:11:30am - Saturday 16th Feb 2019
Finish:5:00pm - Saturday 16th Feb 2019

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Vic Frizzell

Position Volunteer
Race Officer/Skipper Louise Davis
Crew Pam Watt
Crew Vikki Cox
Crew Unassigned


Position Volunteer
Skipper/Finisher Alan Crawford
Crew Mia Jane Christensen
Crew Diane Schasser
Crew Unassigned

Henderson - S3

Position Volunteer
Skipper Steve Amos - OTBD
Crew Sabina Langenhan

Kemp -S4

Position Volunteer
Skipper Sean Harrison
Course Layer Marcus Schoutrop

Virgo - S1

Position Volunteer
Skipper Ben Hussey
Crew Mike Robertson


Position Volunteer
Race Officer/Skipper John O'Brien
Crew Yvonne Walsh
Crew Margy Porter
Crew Unassigned


Position Volunteer
Skipper David Bagnall
Crew David Lane


Position Volunteer
Skipper Donald Murray

Alpha One - Safety Northern Course

Position Volunteer
Skipper Rob Steele
Crew Lindsay Juniper


Position Volunteer
Radio Operator David Kemp

Ramp & Boat Changeover Liaison

Position Volunteer
Ramp Marshall Unassigned
Boat Changeover Liaison Ged Glancy