Clean Up GREEN ISLAND with the Ocean Crusders


Briefing:7:30am - Sunday 26th Aug 2018
Finish:12:30pm - Sunday 26th Aug 2018

Skippers and crew are needed to drive three of the larger RIBS to pick up people from the William Gunn Jetty and ferry them across to Green Island.

You will be taking out volunteers from the local community to assist with the cleanup, making return trips as needed.  You will also be moving people from Cat of Nine Tails.

It's a fun day - we did it last year on Green Island and it is amazing how much trash is dumped on the islands and surrounding waters.  

We will be leaving William Gunn Jetty at 0800 and should be back by 1200.  QPWS are also bringing out their barge to remove the debris back to the mainland on.    I need a few extra people so if you know anyone, let me know and I will lock them in.  The event will see people needing solid footwear that they don’t mind getting wet and we will be doing a bit of heavy lifting.  3 boats and a jetski to cut up and remove plus lots of small debris in the mangroves. 

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Position Volunteer
Skipper John Peacock
Crew Femme Rounds


Position Volunteer
Skipper Jeff Brook
Crew Nanette Brook