Etchells Class QLD Championship/Pre Worlds


Briefing:8:30am - Sunday 14th Oct 2018
Finish:5:00pm - Sunday 14th Oct 2018

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Center Line Boat - Start/ Finish VIC FRIZZELL

Position Volunteer
Race Officer Ross Wilson
Line Sighter Louise Davis
Line Sighter John O'Brien
Skipper/Recorder David Kemp
Timer Tracey Myles
Signals Barry Deeks
Signals Kerry Waraker
Signals Beryl Roberts
Recorder Jan Kemp
Crew Paul Davies

Pin Boat 1 - Port GIRDIS

Position Volunteer
Line Sighter Kevin Wilson
Skipper Gregory Kemp
Crew Jeff Brook

Pin Boat 2 - Starboard CAMPBELL

Position Volunteer
Line Sighter Guy Morton
Skipper Alan Crawford
Crew David SPrague

Head Course Layer - Mark 1 STEFAN 1

Position Volunteer
Skipper Arthur Gough
Crew Warren Myles
Crew Steve Amos - OTBD

Gate - STEFAN 3

Position Volunteer
Skipper Donald Murray
Crew David Bagnall
Crew Robert Douglass

Top Mark ID Boat - WHITEBIRD

Position Volunteer
Skipper Robert Owen Bird
Crew - Owner's Crew Unassigned

Safety 1 - STEFAN 4

Position Volunteer
Skipper Tony Di Betta
Crew Kevin O'Donnell

Safety 2 - STEFAN 2

Position Volunteer
Skipper David Lane
Crew Nev Willis


Position Volunteer
Radio Operator Ged Glancy


Position Volunteer
Skipper Graham Sneesby
Crew Pam Watt
Crew - Owner's Crew Unassigned
Skipper Unassigned
Crew michael wood
Crew - Owner's Crew Unassigned
Skipper Pip Fenwick
Crew Rodney West
Crew - Owner's Crew Unassigned

Spectator Boat- ROUS EXPLORER

Position Volunteer
Skipper Tim Green
Crew Jan Glancy
Crew Margurite Wood
Crew Margy Porter