Etchells Class QLD Championship/Pre Worlds - Registration & Weigh-In


Briefing:10:00am - Saturday 13th Oct 2018
Finish:6:00pm - Saturday 13th Oct 2018

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Position Volunteer
TEAM LEADER Suzanne Healey
Helper - morning 1000-1300hrs Donna Paterson
Helper - morning 1000-1300hrs Carolyn Somerville
Helper - morning 1000-1300hrs Glenys Wilson
Helper - afternoon 1400-1800 Lydia Molen
Helper - afternoon 1400-1800 Kevin Wilson
Helper - afternoon 1400-1800 Laura Warlow
Helper - afternoon 1400-1800 Sue Wilson


Position Volunteer
Scribe 0900-1300 Annette Hodgen
Scribe 0900-1300 Gen Fothergill
Scribe 0900-1300 Unassigned
Scribe 1400-1600 Teresa Meyer
Scribe 1400-1600 Karen Woodforth
Scribe 1400-1600 Pascalle Voerman