Etchells Spring Regatta - Crane Marshals - Boats IN


Briefing:3:00pm - Friday 7th Sep 2018
Finish:5:30pm - Friday 7th Sep 2018

The event has grown and it has been decided that the mobile crane will be in operation from 1530hrs along with the slewing crane..  I need everyone at the RQ latest 1430hrs on Friday to make sure we are all clear on the instructions, in position with radios and ready to roll. I will let you know where we will be meeting beforehand. 

We have maps showing the flow of boats from the parking area, and to and from the Mobile crane and the slewing crane with instructions for each marshaling point; more details on that to come on Weds.  I will also call each of you and talk you through the afternoon's plan. 

On Sunday we will do the reverse, those times have also been amended on the roster system - the timing for Sunday is the same as Friday - 1530-1730hrs.

Please call me to discuss any questions or concerns you may have and I will speak with you all Wednesday.  Thank you for being a part of this event - it is turning into a great chance to practice all these fine details that will ultimately make a smooth Worlds event possible. 


Susie  0438 930 990  3396 8666 . 

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Trailer Marshal to Cranes - earlier report time

Position Volunteer
TEAM LEADER Grant Somerville
Marshals -- Position #1 Hugh Sheardown
Marshal - Position #2 Deb Holmes
Marshal - Position #3 John Holmes
Etchell Slew Crane Operator - Position #4 Tony Di Betta
Marshal - Position #5 Thomas (Tom) Bor
Marshal - test /float Susie Jones
Mobile Crane Driver Unassigned
Dogman Unassigned
Etchells skipper Unassigned