EARLIER REPORT TIME 0830HRS Sail Brisbane - Olympic and Invited Classes Regatta Alpha & Charlie Courses


Briefing:8:30am - Sunday 2nd Dec 2018
Finish:5:00pm - Sunday 2nd Dec 2018

First Warning 1000hrs ALL COURSES

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Position Volunteer
Admin Louise Davis
Admin Bec Ellem

GOODWILL Alpha Start/Finish VX Ones, 29ers & Moths

Position Volunteer
Skipper/Race Officer Guy Morton
Crew Beryl Roberts
Crew Femme Rounds
Crew Kelley Cowley
Crew Teresa Meyer

STEFAN 1 Alpha Top

Position Volunteer
Skipper Arthur Gough

STEFAN 3 Alpha gates & pin

Position Volunteer
Skipper John Peacock
Crew Scott Beaver

VBow Alpha Safety

Position Volunteer
Skipper Mike Fowler
Crew Michael Mallan

MYORA Charlie Start/Finish - Optis & Boards

Position Volunteer
Skipper/Race Officer Alan Crawford
Crew Yvonne Walsh
Crew Natasha Everitt
Crew Michelle Clarke
Crew Kylie Bowman

YQ 1 Charlie Top

Position Volunteer
Skipper Pat OBrien
Crew Gerhard Meyer

RAY ANDREW Charlie gates & pin

Position Volunteer
Skipper Marcus Schoutrop
Crew Stewart House

SUNDAY Charlie Safety

Position Volunteer
Skipper Charles Kirby
Crew Justin Daley


Position Volunteer
Radio Operator Susie Jones


Position Volunteer
Ramp Marshall Mark Everitt
Ramp Marshall Volunteer Roster Co-ordinator
Ramp Marshall Unassigned
Ramp Marshall Unassigned