Off the Beach &Northern and Southern courses & Div Yachts


Briefing:12:00pm - Saturday 22nd Sep 2018
Finish:5:00pm - Saturday 22nd Sep 2018

Please meet in the cafe area!  We will meet with the Race officers and then go up to the boats when everyone is ready.

Please be aware that the Sailing Academy is using all of the boats in the morning with the expectations of having the boats back at the VIP wharf by 1130am.  I will be in radio contact with them and keep everyone informed.

Division Yachts warning at 1300hrs Northern course racing to follow.

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your time.

Susie 0438 930 990

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Vic Frizzell

Position Volunteer
Race Officer John O'Brien
Skipper David Kemp
Crew Sylvia Talbot
Crew Kelley Cowley
Crew zora fletcher

Stefan 3

Position Volunteer
Skipper Simon Albery
Crew Ian White

Stefan 4

Position Volunteer
Skipper Steve Amos - OTBD
Crew Charles Kirby

Ray Andrew

Position Volunteer
Skipper Pat OBrien
Crew Wayne Baillie

Goodwill Division Yachts Short Passage Series R1 - Start is before the Northern course start

Position Volunteer
Skipper/Race Officer Alan Crawford
crew Yvonne Walsh
Crew Annette Hodgen
Crew Unassigned


Position Volunteer
Skipper Kevin O'Donnell
Crew Lindsay Juniper


Position Volunteer
Skipper Donald Murray
Crew Rob Steele


Position Volunteer
Radio Operator Ged Glancy