Opening Day for the 134th Sailing Season


Briefing:9:00am - Saturday 15th Sep 2018
Finish:3:00pm - Saturday 15th Sep 2018

Come join us for all the fun!

The Open Day Ceremony begins at 1020hrs - It is really cool if we can get as many volunteers seated together!  If you wear your shirts its even more cool!

The Sailpast begins between 1100-1130hrs. We need people in boats to help shepherd the fleet from the start to finish.

Then we head out to Waterloo Bay and put on one quick race - the Northern Course will be Etchells/Div Yachts Pursuit racing and the Southern Course will be OTB Classes and one Windward Leeward race will be conducted. 

As soon as the racing is finished it's back to shore as fast as possible to continue the fun - the Entertainment will continue up until 1700hrs and then the Commodore's Happy Hour in the RQ Bar will begin at 1800hrs.

All up it's a great day and we hope you can join us!

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Vic Frizzell - Sail Past and Div Yacht/Etchells race

Position Volunteer
Race Officer/Skipper Paul Bolton
Crew Nellie Bolton
Crew Brian Plunkett
Crew Pam Watt
Crew zora fletcher
Crew Jennifer Murray

Goodwill - Dinghy race - Southern Course style

Position Volunteer
Skipper/Race Officer John O'Brien
Crew Margy Porter
Crew Julia M Sawyer
Crew Yvonne Walsh
Crew Femme Rounds

Myora - Sail Past Only

Position Volunteer
Skipper Ian White
Crew Rebecca Stewart
Crew Dayana Jimenez
Crew Unassigned

Campbell - Sail Past mid range in harbour - Dinghy race

Position Volunteer
Skipper Marcus Schoutrop
Crew Kevin O'Donnell

Girdis - Sail past Sail Past mid range in harbour and Dinghy race

Position Volunteer
Skipper Donald Murray
Crew Jeff Brook

Stefan 1 - Sail Past Sail Past mid range in harbour and Dinghy Race

Position Volunteer
Skipper Arthur Gough
Crew Victor Manuel Sepulveda C


Position Volunteer
Radio Operator David Kemp