Training - Course boat CREW


Briefing:10:00am - Saturday 16th Dec 2017
Finish:11:30am - Saturday 16th Dec 2017

We will be having one this Sat morning before racing, please let me know so I can get enough boats on the water. The Course Boat CREW training will happen from 1000 to 1130hrs.

Please report to the Volunteer Equipment Room, be prepared to go to the buoy shed, load buoys, anchors etc. into the boat, hook the weights, anchors and buoys together, deploy the buoys under instruction and pick them up with a boat hook.

If you are able to go our on the water and practice in the afternoon on the club racing courses, please let me know.

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Position Volunteer
Skipper Arthur Gough
Crew Adam Hammond
Crew Brian Weigel
Crew David Lane
Crew Mitchell Oldmeadow


Position Volunteer
Skipper Donald Murray
Crew Bill Massie
Crew Paul Collis
Crew Marina Shan Allen