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Dear Volunteers - Important News Coming Soon!

We have started the new Sailing Season and things are very busy every Saturday, so come down and enjoy the fun times on the water. 

Club racing is going to be about fun and opportunities to practice what you have learned in the training sessions ·        
We want you to feel free to try new things and also make mistakes.
If someone on your team makes a mistake please don’t make them feel uncomfortable,
Take whatever steps are necessary to stop the process you were in and start again
Feel free to have a calm discussion after the racing is going and see how you can improve things AS A TEAM   
Take a look around you… these people are your team members, and they are all doing their best.  Let’s help each other to put on good racing for the sailors and we will all have fun. 

o   Manly Summer of Sailing 2020
20-24 Australian Raceboard and Formula Championships
Downunder Pro 2020 Australian Windfoil Champs
o   8-9 February QLD Laser Metro Championships ·        

Are you interested in going to other clubs and volunteering, seeing how they do things and the way different racing formats are handled?  Let me know - there are vents all over Australia this summer!

Please call me if you have any questions  07 3396 8666

Susie Jones