Match Racing Series - Day 1


Briefing:8:00am - Sunday 15th Aug 2021
Finish:4:30pm - Friday 15th Aug 2014

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Goodwill (Start Boat)

Position Volunteer
Skipper/Race Officer Guy Morton
Crew Unassigned
Crew Unassigned
Crew Louise Bright

Virgo (Mark Boat)

Position Volunteer
Skipper Tom Le Druillenec
Crew Rodney West

Alpha One (Change Over Boat)

Position Volunteer
Skipper Unassigned
Crew Unassigned

Joe Duck (Umpire 1)

Position Volunteer
Umpire 1 Nev Willis
Umpire 2 Garry Hartshorne

JB Cuneo (Umpire 2)

Position Volunteer
Umpire 3 David Irvine
Umpire 4 Unassigned