QLD Youth Week - Alpha (Sat - Cancelled)


Briefing:10:00am - Saturday 3rd Jul 2021
Finish:4:30pm - Saturday 3rd Jul 2021

Volunteer Briefing in Auditorium

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Myora - (Alpha Start)

Position Volunteer
Skipper/Race Officer John O'Brien
Crew Jan Kemp
Crew Margy Porter
Crew Natalie Hall

Virgo - (Alpha Top)

Position Volunteer
Skipper Arthur Gough
Crew Gerald Featherstone

Ray Andrew - (Alpha Gates)

Position Volunteer
Skipper Steve Amos - OTBD
Crew Robert Sloman

SYC - (Jury 2)

Position Volunteer
Judge 3 Grace Murphy
Judge 4 Mark Drew GALLAGHER

Joe Duck - (Jury 1)

Position Volunteer
Judge 5 Nev Willis
Judge 6 David Irvine


Position Volunteer
Lunches Unassigned
Quarter Master Unassigned
Bosun Unassigned


Position Volunteer
Radio Operator 1 David Kemp


Position Volunteer
Media Rep 1 Mike Middelton
Media Rep 2 Unassigned
Driver (if applicable) Unassigned


Position Volunteer
Ramp Marshall Unassigned
Ramp Marshall Unassigned
Ramp Marshall Unassigned

Standby Volunteers

Position Volunteer
Standby 1 Unassigned

RQ 1 - (In-Harbor Rescue)

Position Volunteer
Skipper Unassigned
Crew Unassigned